Technical Specifications

System requirements

Magique Galileo uses standard Microsoft IIS Web Server (2008 onwards, later versions preferred) with v4.5 and Microsoft SQL Server (2008 onwards, later versions preferred).

Users access the system through a modern browser such as Internet Explorer (10 or above), Edge, Chrome, Firefox or Safari. As well as PCs and laptops the system can be accessed by iPad, other tablets and any device that supports a browser.

There is no requirement for any software to be installed locally on the client devices, and no need to use an app. This means you can install on your equipment or we can host and the system can be moved with no dependency or proprietary or specialist infrastructure.

Detailed technical specifications and sizing based on the volume of activity can be provided by the technical support team. However, a summary of requirements is listed below.

Detailed Specifications

The information below refers to the server and client specifications required to run Magique Galileo. You can download the document by clicking on the link below:

Installation, Data Migration, Deployment and Security guides and other specification documents are available on request.

Network Diagram

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