Risk Management

Your Solution to Effective Risk Management and Compliance

Magique is a comprehensive and feature-rich Risk Management System tailored to your exact needs to deliver proven benefits to your organisation.

In addition to the Risk and Control Register there are options for:

  • Emerging Risks Register
  • Loss Events/Incident Management
  • Appetite/Indicator Assessment
  • Scenario Analysis
  • Risk Consolidation and Aggregation
  • Questionnaire System for Control Self Assessment and Survey
  • Policy Management System to develop, administer and monitor compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Action Tracking System for recording and tracking of further required actions from any part of the system

Magique fully integrates with the Galileo Audit Management System.


A single integrated system that intelligently combines elements to provide a complete picture


Configured and customised to meet your organisation and users’ exact needs


Easy to use system, liked by users, which evolves and grows with you


At the forefront with techniques to improve your methodology, efficiency, delivery and profile

Extensive Reporting

Over 350 standard reports, charts, dashboards and scorecards are provided. The system includes an end-user reporting tool and configurable KPI/MI options.

Integrates with third-party reporting tools, such as Tableau.

Email Alerts

Proactively alerts and prompts all stakeholders with the key information at appropriate times.

Email schedules and content are managed by your administrators.


Creates Value

  • Ensures compliance with legislation and regulation
  • Sets a framework in which to achieve business objectives
  • Promotes more systematic decision making
  • Reduces the overall cost of risk in your organisation

Improves Visibility

  • Provides closer liaison with stakeholders
  • Timely customer-focused reporting
  • Offers proactive advice

Embeds Risk Management

  • Allows users to manage their own risks
  • Alerts management of issues to address
  • Injects a risk culture into the business

Customised to Your Needs

Used by over 200 organisations in over 80 countries with 5 to over 2,000 users

Multi-language versions

System can be installed on customer infrastructure or provided as a SAAS hosted solution

Uses standard Microsoft technologies and works with any standard browser on a PC, laptop, i-pad/tablets and other smart devices

Highly secure system

Implemented and supported by experienced risk consultants

Build the system to match your needs and methodology from an extensive range of options

Key Features

  • Risk Register by Business Units and Entities
  • Analysis by Risk Categories and Themes
  • Optional analysis of risks by Strategic/Business Objectives and Processes
  • Your precise risk model and scoring system
  • Additional recording and evaluation of causes and consequences
  • Identification, evaluation and testing of controls
  • Generation of actions where further mitigation is required
  • Key Risk Indicators/Appetite Statements for alerting potential issues
  • Scenario definition and analysis
  • Loss Events/Incidents tracking and reporting system
  • Electronic review and approval process on all components
  • Trend history of risk and control scores
  • Library functionality for your Risks, Controls, Objectives, Processes and KRIs/Appetite Statements, Questionnaires, Policies
  • Risk Consolidation for identifying common issues / benchmarking across the organisation
  • Separate register of Emerging Risks with optional links to risks and controls
  • Questionnaire sub-system for creating, issuing and analyzing the results of questionnaires and surveys
  • Policy development and review system
  • Policy compliance attestation and sign-off process
  • Library of over 350 standard reports which can be customised to your exact requirements. Includes heat maps, dashboards, tabular and interactive reports.
  • Comprehensive Security Model to ensure the whole organisation can participate in the risk management process and only have access to authorised data